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School Emergency Lockdown & Evacuation Notification

Visiplex offers the ideal wireless solution that provides school staff members with the ability to initiate an instant Lockdown or Evacuation alerts during emergency situations. Using a compact personal Panic Button device, a school-wide alert can be sent within seconds to notify the main office, security staff members and activate pre-programmed visual and voice messages to instructs people how to behave.

Emergency Lockdown and Evacuation Notification

Each Visiplex system offers additional wireless options for even more productivity improvement, such as: wireless overhead paging, two-way intercom communications, break bell alerts, time synchronization, text messaging to alphanumeric LED displays, remote activation of wireless strobe lights & sirens, interface to the local phone system, and more.

The main advantages of a Visiplex wireless system are:

All Visiplex system components use UL approved parts and are compliant with NFPA-72 2010 standards, Department of Defense United Facilities Criteria (UFC), speech intelligibility (STI-PA) standard 2003 IEC 60268-16, Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), OSHA and ADA standards and codes. Visiplex is listed as an authorized government supplier (GSA listed).