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Wireless Paging Systems

Visiplex offers a wireless paging system with a variety of PA speakers to match any type of indoor or outdoor PA paging system application. The speakers can be programmed to be activated individually or as part of multiple paging zones. As an innovative wireless paging solution, this wireless PA system offers easy installation, expansion and integration with existing wired PA systems, without the need to run any wires.

Wireless PA Paging System - Basic Configuration Wireless Paging Encoders Wireless PA Speakers

Each Visiplex overhead paging system can also offer additional wireless options for even more productivity improvement, such as: wireless emergency notifications, overhead paging, two-way intercom communications, break bell alerts, time synchronization, text messaging to alphanumeric LED displays, remote activation of wireless strobe lights & sirens, interface to the local phone system, and more.

Wireless Paging System - Expanded Configuration Wireless Paging Encoders Wireless Public Address Speakers Wireless Intercom Stations Wireless Synchronized Digital Clocks and Alphanumeric LED Displays Wireless Synchronized Clocks

The main advantages of a Visiplex wireless paging system are:

All Visiplex system components use UL approved parts and are compliant with NFPA-72 2010 standards, Department of Defense United Facilities Criteria (UFC), speech intelligibility (STI-PA) standard 2003 IEC 60268-16, Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), OSHA and ADA standards and codes. Visiplex is listed as an authorized government supplier (GSA listed).