Assisted Living Paging

Visiplex’s wireless, assisted living paging products allows senior facilities, assisted living centers and nursing home professionals an instant wireless link to nurses, caregivers and staff members with detailed text messaging, audible alerts and visual notifications. These Assisted Living paging solutions includes a variety of wireless portable and wall-mounted transmitters that expands the connectivity level between residents’ rooms and facility staff members.

Assisted Living Two-Way Intercom System

Visiplex offers turnkey wireless paging systems that are specially designed for assisted living centers, senior facilities and nursing homes to provide two-way intercom communication and alerts between residents, nurses, caregivers and staff members. When a call is initiated from a resident intercom station or pendant, it’s received by the central paging controller with room and resident information to start a two-way voice communication link.

Wireless Nurse Call

Visiplex offers an easy to install wireless resident call system that is specifically designed for assisted living centers, senior facilities and nursing homes. Using wireless pull cords transmitters, pendants, and portable alert devices, residents can initiate a call to caregivers, nurses or staff members with detailed name and location information. When a call is answered, a “cancel call” can be initiated to provide a complete record of each call event and response times.

Wireless Call System

For smaller scale facilities, Visiplex offers a compact “pendant to pager” wireless call system as the ideal resident to caregiver communication link. Each time a resident triggers his pendant or wall-mounted transmitter, a detailed text message with the resident’s information is transmitted directly to the caregiver’s pager or central location alphanumeric LED display, enabling a fast and effective response.

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