Campus Communications Solutions

Visiplex offers cost-effective wireless campus communications solutions that enhance college campus safety, improve response time and provides campus-wide notification during a variety of emergency situations. Emergency broadcast alerts, overhead voice paging, wireless time synchronization, and emergency two-way call stations communications – all work in unison to help ensure campus safety and security.

Wireless Emergency Broadcast System

Visiplex’s AlertWave™ is the ideal Emergency Broadcast system that can provide instant emergency notifications & alerts during duress situations such as severe weather, natural disasters or acts of terror. When activated, this emergency broadcast system will wirelessly initiate visual alerts and instant, well-directed live or pre-recorded voice messages to wireless PA speakers instructing staff, students and visitors on how to react to a variety of emergency situations.

Wireless Overhead Paging System

Visiplex provides an easy way to install and implement an in-building overhead paging system for daily paging communications and emergency voice notifications. This modular system can function with multiple indoor/outdoor zones to provide the flexibility of paging multiple buildings, single building, a selected zone or even a specific PA speaker individually. In addition, this system can provide security and key personnel with instant silent, digital messaging during emergency situations, and interface with local fire alarm, building automation and security systems.

Wireless GPS Clock System

Visiplex offers colleges and universities the ability to seamlessly synchronize their clocks by using an RF time-synchronization signal to cover any single or multi-building campus area. This promotes the highest level of productivity, reliability, and efficiency throughout any facility.

Wireless Emergency Call Stations

Visiplex wireless paging solutions offers the ability to incorporate two-way emergency call stations across the campus area, providing added security and improved safety to students and visitors. Each wireless call station can be wirelessly monitored, supervised and acknowledged for all incoming emergency calls.

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