April 2017

University of Illinois Emergency Notification System


University of Illinois Emergency Notification System

College Campuses

Visiplex’s wireless Public Address System helps you reach people across your facility for emergency notification and mass communication, keeping everyone safe, informed and running your business more efficiently.

The Problem

University of Illinois Chicago successfully installed the AlertWave wireless mass notification and emergency warning system to enhance campus security and public safety. In the event of an emergency situation such as severe weather, natural disasters, civil emergencies or acts of

October 2015

Cuesta College choose Visiplex to amps up campus safety


Cuesta campuses-Emergency Notification System
A new safety system is nearing the end of installation on Cuesta campuses and will help in emergency scenarios at the college. The Oregon campus shooting at Umpqua Community college last week was another reminder that mass violence can take place on any campus.

A congressional study on mass murders and firearms released in July of this year found there were “4.5 [mass shootings] per year from 2010 through 2013.” This includes approximately seven victims murdered and

April 2015

University of Illinois Chicago Selected Visiplex Mass Notification System


University of Illinois Chicago successfully installed the AlertWave wireless mass notification and emergency warning system to enhance campus security and public safety. In the event of an emergency situation such as severe weather, natural disasters, civil emergencies or acts of terror, an emergency notification system is a must. College campuses, schools, commercial plants, industrial complexes, residential communities, government facilities and military bases all demand the ability to communicate with the masses.

Through instant, well-directed live or prerecorded voice messages, the AlertWave™

March 2015

PepsiCo Installed Visiplex Wireless Paging System


PepsiCo has installed a Visiplex wireless paging system for improved communication and safety throughout their facility.

Visiplex offers a variety of paging systems ranging from a simple stand-alone PA system to a fully networked system with multi-user configurations to match any indoor/outdoor overhead paging and text messaging applications. These wireless paging systems can be programmed to activate and communicate with each wireless paging receiver individually or as part of multiple paging zones.

These modular paging systems can function with multiple indoor/outdoor

February 2015

Kraft Foods Global Selects Visiplex Emergency Notification System


Kraft Foods Global successfully installed a Visiplex wireless PA system for communications and instant emergency warnings throughout their facility. Visiplex’s wireless PA system offers an easy and economical way to incorporate a public address voice messaging for daily announcements and function as an wireless emergency notification system that provides instant voice/tone alerts throughout any sized facility. Campuses, office buildings, commercial sites, shopping centers and others, can now easily add, replace or expand their existing PA system, by adding wireless PA

January 2015

Federal Reserve Bank Chooses Visiplex Wireless Clock System


The Federal Reserve Bank installed a Visiplex wireless clock system for accurate time synchronization throughout their facility. Visiplex offers corporations, office buildings, schools and industrial facilities with the ability to incorporate accurate synchronized time for all clocks and computers throughout the facility, providing the benefits of improved productivity and reduced maintenance costs. The Visiplex wireless clock system is a one-transmitter solution, that will provide a full RF time synchronization signal to cover any single or multi building facility.

Visiplex offers analog

October 2012

School Classroom Intercom – Choosing a Wireless Intercom System


School classroom intercom systems are a great way to give teachers and students the freedom to interact with the main office during daily and/or emergency situations. Unfortunately, these intercom systems are very expensive to add to an existing school facility or addition. This is due to the necessity of wiring every intercom station to the main console, located at one central location in the facility.

Recently, new wireless intercom systems have been gaining popularity by providing many functional and economic advantages

September 2012

Paging Systems for Wireless Facility Communication


With the increasing use of cell phones and computer text messaging, an in-house paging system is still proven to be the fast and reliable facility communication option to alert and notify facility personnel. The main benefits of having on-site wireless paging systems are:

Reliability – Poor RF signal reception is a common cell phone issue within many facilities, especially in heavy structured buildings and sub-level floors. Cell phone reception is as good as the closest cell tower, meaning dropped calls and

August 2012

School Bell Systems – The New Wireless Approach


Today’s modern K-12 facilities demand school bell systems that are reliable, equipped with flexible schedules and synchronized with the school clock system. New wireless bell systems fulfill those requirements and are proven to be a great solution in each of the following situations:

New Bell System Installation – A wireless bell system utilizes an array of wireless PA speakers to generate bell tones and alerts according to predefined schedules running on the main wireless system controller. The main wireless system

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