The Visiplex Mass Notification system provides security and safety administrators with full control to plan and manage how to notify and warn the masses during emergencies. In case of an emergency, the Mass Notification system can initiate instantaneous wireless, voice, and/or data alerts to an array of wireless public address speakers, LED displays, and strobe lights located in rooms, floors, buildings, and public areas. In addition, the Mass Notification system can send text messaging to pre-defined e-mail lists or pre-recorded voice messages to a pre-defined phone list. Other text or phone-based notification technologies are ineffective based upon one or more of the following:

  • Too slow when every second counts
  • Need people to answer the phone or check e-mail – ineffective during meetings, class or night time
  • Cannot notify people that are not on the alert list including visitors and in public areas
  • Cannot generate area-specific instructions as it cannot locate subscribers
  • Uses unreliable communication lines that are prone to fail during emergencies
  • Place the facility safety in the hands of a third party, resulting in little control during emergencies