Visiplex is an experienced wireless product manufacturer for over 30 years. We use our expertise to provide an elegant adaptation of proven wireless, high-powered, and FCC-approved technology into a selected line of speakers, alphanumeric message displays, strobe lights, sirens, clocks, and more. Visiplex offers an expanded line of competitively priced products suitable for installations ranging from grade schools that require a small wireless system, to large university centers and industrial complexes needing a powerful networked wireless system with thousands of speakers, alphanumeric LED displays, clocks, strobe lights, and other wirelessly controlled devices. As a well-known manufacturer, Visiplex has hundreds of dealers and resellers nationwide that can provide professional installation and maintenance services, if required. With more than 30,000 installations nationwide, Visiplex boasts a vast customer list.  In other words, choosing us is a smart, simple choice.