Hospital Communication Solutions

Visiplex offers innovative hospital communication systems such as Nurse Call automated text messaging to nurses/doctors pagers, overhead paging to wireless PA speakers, emergency notification public alerts and time synchronization for all facility wall clocks, timers and other time sensitive equipment. These hospital communication systems are designed to provide effective means of communication with doctors, nurses, patients, visitors and staff within medical centers, rehab centers and other health care facilities.

Hospital PA System

Visiplex offers turnkey wireless, in-house, hospital PA system that is specially designed for medical centers, hospitals, rehab facilities and nursing homes for improved safety and efficiency. Using wireless, indoor/outdoor PA speakers, the Visiplex hospital PA system can provide overhead voice messaging for daily announcements as well as voice notification alerts during a variety of emergency situations. In the event of an emergency, the system can instantly issue a pre-recorded or live voice instructions telling staff, patients and visitors what happened and instruct them how to behave.

Industrial Paging System

Visiplex offers turnkey wireless in-house paging systems specially designed for the healthcare market. Medical centers, hospitals, rehab facilities and nursing homes can all benefit from the system integration capabilities with their current nurse call system. This paging system can provide instant, facility-wide text messaging to doctors and nurses pagers, in situation such as Code Red or Blue and for daily personal messaging. The system offers additional wireless features such as: Text messaging to LED message boards, remote activation of wireless corridor dome lights, and more.

Hospital Synchronized Clock System

Visiplex offers medical centers and hospitals with a secure wireless system that incorporates synchronized time for all hospital clocks and computers. Accurate time is critical for nearly every healthcare organization as the legal consequences of inaccurate time can be catastrophic. Using a radio transmitter, this hospital clock system sends accurate time information to synchronize all hospital clocks, timers and other time sensitive equipment. Visiplex offers a selection of hospital wall clocks, LED digital clocks and LED message boards in a variety of styles and sizes to match all time display needs.

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