Keep your business running smoothly
while keeping your people safe and informed

Visiplex is a leading manufacturer of wireless paging base stations, PA speakers, two-way intercom stations, LED message boards, analog & digital clocks, LED beacon lights and more. Visiplex wireless solutions are tailored to specific industries & markets such as: K-12 schools, commercial facilities, industrial plants, campuses, federal buildings, camp grounds, medical centers, assisting living centers, public venues, military bases and many others.

Wireless Communication Experience in all Kinds of Industries

From an elementary school to a college campus, Visiplex offers solutions to keep in touch with students and faculty alike, including two-way intercom communications, emergency notification, wireless paging, PA messaging, break bells and more.

For manufacturing plants and industrial facilities, our unique communication systems are designed to keep your business running smoothly with break bell alerts, wireless paging, emergency warning systems, public address messaging and synchronized clocks.

In healthcare facilities such as hospitals, nursing homes, and assisted living centers, you can be sure your patients and staff are well connected using call buttons with visual/audio alerts as well as text message notifications, wireless paging, emergency public alerts and two-way intercoms.

Whether it’s for a shopping center or corporate office, our commercial paging system can be an easy way to implement an emergency warning system, wireless paging, urgent personnel alerts, and more, insuring that everyone in your building is safe, informed, and running efficiently.

With both indoor and outdoor solutions, we can make sure your venue is well covered for an emergency with mass public safety notifications and entertained with background music playback, no matter if you’re in a stadium, park district, campgrounds, theme park, fairgrounds, or other public gathering area.

We offer military facilities, first responder teams, Federal, State and Local governments with the ability to improve critical communications by providing instant personnel alerts, portable PA messaging and urgent paging notification during a variety of emergency situations.

Why Choose Visiplex?

Visiplex wireless paging systems are more cost effective when compared to hard wired systems. Our systems can be self installed and only require an outlet for AC power or access to an ethernet port for POE.

Because Visiplex Systems are plug and play, they can easily be expanded or relocated as needed. Adding a new product can be as simple as connecting it to an outlet and registering it to your system.

Our systems use Radio Frequency for our wireless communication which does not rely on other networks such as WIFI or VoIP to operate. In other words, when your primary network is down, you still have an operating communication system in an emergency.

Visiplex designs and makes all of our systems in the US, offering the highest quality products to our customers. Furthermore, if you need additional assistance, we also offer free phone or email technical support for the lifetime of the system.

Our Valued Customers

What Our Customers are Saying

“…Visiplex had just what we needed, and it is simple to use which makes training the staff easy.”

Andrew A., Express Scripts

“… Visiplex took the time to carefully consider our property layout, engineered a plan for components required to meet our needs and put a complete package together for us. ”

Johnny M., Camp For All Foundation

“The Visiplex system has changed our school drastically. Being able to make announcements, Code Red, drills, and to have a daily bell schedule has put more structure in our school.”

Chris P., Grace Christian School

“…. The system is fantastic, easily replacing the functions of the old system and adding a multitude of new ones.”

Mike Brown, Lucerne Elementary School