Time Synchronization System

Visiplex’s wireless time synchronization system offers schools, medical and commercial facilities with the ability to synchronize their clocks, bells and other time-sensitive equipment to one accurate time source.

GPS Time
VS4500 - Wireless Paging Controller LED Digital Clock LED Display Board Wireless Synchronized Clock Wireless Synchronized Clock Wireless Synchronized Clock Wireless Synchronized Clock
Basic time synchronization solution that utilizing a desktop wireless time controller to transmit an accurate time synchronization signal to wireless analog and digital clocks across the facility.
VS4810 Paging Controller Synchronized Wall Clock Synchronized Clock Synchronized Clock Wireless LED Message Board Wireless LED Message Board Wireless Intercom Station Wireless Intercom Station Wireless Intercom Station Wireless Outdoor Speaker Wireless Wall Speaker
The wireless time synchronization system can be expanded to provide break bell alerts, PA voice messaging, text messaging and two-way intercom communications across the facility.

Time Synchronization System for Wireless Clocks and Bells

  • Provide wireless time synchronization throughout your facility, regardless of size

  • Full selection of wireless analog and digital clocks to match your needs

  • Use wireless PA speakers to add synchronized tone & voice break bell alerts

  • Easy system expansion, relocation and cost-effective wireless installation

  • Expandable to provide wireless PA messaging for voice notifications and alerts

Add, Replace or Upgrade your existing Clock or Bell System

  • Replace an old, non-functioning clock system without running wires

  • Add analog/digital wireless synchronized clocks across your facility
  • Expand an existing clock system into other buildings without running wires

  • Upgrade your current clock system to include pre-programmed messaging and break-bell schedule

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About Visiplex

College campuses, K-12 schools, hospitals, medical centers, government facilities, commercial plants and industrial facilities all have a great need to synchronize their clocks, bells and other time-sensitive equipment to one accurate and reliable time source. Using a radio transmitter, the Visiplex’s time synchronization system sends accurate time information to synchronize wirelessly all of the facility’s clocks and bells. The time source for the time synchronization system could be a GPS receiver or a local PC with accurate web synchronized time.

Visiplex offers analog clocks, LED digital clocks and LED display message boards in a variety of styles and sizes to match all facility needs. The Visiplex wireless time synchronization system is easy to install and adding or replacing clocks is done with minimal effort providing the benefits of improved productivity and reduced maintenance costs.

Using wireless PA speakers, this system can be expanded at any point to provide additional critical communication tasks, such as indoor/outdoor voice messaging, wireless two-way intercom communications and scheduled break bell alerts.

All Visiplex system components use UL approved parts and are compliant with NFPA-72 2010 standards, Department of Defense United Facilities Criteria (UFC), speech intelligibility (STI-PA) standard 2003 IEC 60268-16, Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), OSHA and ADA standards and codes. Visiplex is an authorized government supplier (GSA listed).