Audio Tones and Pre-recorded Messages to Customize your System

Visiplex systems are capable of playing custom audio files through your PA speakers for break bells, emergency alert tones and even pre-recorded messages. We offer 8 built-in audio files that are available on all systems at the time of purchase. We also offer optional alternative audio files that can be requested prior to placing your order. If you would like more information for creating and/or uploading your own audio to your system, please visit our Product Manual & User Guide page or contact our Technical Support Department.

Default Audio 1 (D1) – Alert Tone
Default Audio 2 (D2) – Alert Tone
Default Audio 3 (D3) – Emergency Message – “Lock down Emergency”
Default Audio 4 (D4) – Emergency Message – “Evacuation Emergency”
Default Audio 5 (D5) – Emergency Message – “Emergency Cleared”
Default Audio 6 (D6) – Emergency Message – “Lock down Drill”
Default Audio 7 (D7) – Alert Tone
Default Audio 8 (D8) – Bell Tone

Emergency Message 1 (C1) – “Lock Down Emergency”
Emergency Message 2 (C2) – “Lock Down Drill”
Emergency Message 3 (C3) – “Evacuation Emergency”
Emergency Message 4 (C4) – “Emergency Cleared”
Emergency Message 5 (C5) – “Containment Emergency”
Emergency Message 6 (C6) – “Containment Drill”
Emergency Message 7 (C7) – “Severe Weather Alert”
Emergency Message 8 (C8) – “Only a Test”
Emergency Message 9 (C9) – “Please Evacuate This Building”