Commercial Paging Solutions

Visiplex’s wireless commercial paging solutions provide corporations, office buildings and shopping centers with an easy way to implement an emergency notification warning system, wireless overhead paging communications, wireless PA and urgent personnel alert solutions. Visiplex’s commercial paging solutions helps you reach people across your facility for emergency notification and mass communication, keeping everyone safe, informed and running your business more efficiently.

Commercial Emergency Notification Systems

Visiplex’s AlertWave is the premier alert system for Wireless Emergency Notification applications, providing an effective means of audible and visual notification for virtually any facility, regardless of size. Through instant, well-directed voice and visual messages, the AlertWave system instructs all people in the immediate vicinity how to behave in a variety of emergency situations such as Lockdown or evacuation.

Wireless PA System

Visiplex’s wireless PA system offers an easy and economical way to incorporate a public address voice messaging for daily and emergency announcements throughout any sized facility. Campuses, office buildings, commercial sites, shopping centers and others, can now easily add, replace or expand their existing PA system, by adding wireless PA speakers for Public Address messaging and emergency announcements. In addition this wireless PA system can provide security and key personnel with instant silent pocket paging messaging during emergency and other duress situations.

Commercial Paging System

Office buildings, shopping centers and other commercial sites, can now provide security and key personnel with instant silent messaging during emergency and other duress situations. The Visiplex’s commercial paging system, offers an easy integration with Security, Fire Alarm, Access Control and other building automation systems to provide automated text messaging to staff members pocket pagers, facility-wide LED message boards.

Commercial intercom System

Visiplex offers corporations and office buildings with the ability to incorporate a wireless intercom system that provide a central office with the ability to initiate a two-way intercom call to any wireless intercom station, and answer calls from any intercom station in the facility area. Because the system configuration is wireless, an AC power outlet is all that’s needed– making installation, addition or relocation a simple task.

Wireless Clock System

Visiplex offers corporations and office buildings with the ability to incorporate accurate synchronized time for all office clocks and computers throughout the facility, providing the benefits of improved productivity and reduced maintenance costs. The Visiplex one-transmitter solution, will provide a full RF time synchronization signal to cover any single or multi building facility. The Visiplex wireless system is fully expandable and easy to install.

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