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Wireless Paging Systems | Emergency Notification Solutions

Visiplex’s wireless PA paging, emergency notification and mass communication solutions, will help your business run more efficiently as well as keeping everyone onsite safe and well-informed.

Wireless two-way intercom, break bell, overhead PA paging, synchronized clocks and emergency notification systems for K-12 schools
Wireless overhead paging, emergency notification systems and other communication solutions for any sized campus area
College Campus
Wireless overhead paging, weather alerts and emergency notification solutions for industrial & manufacturing facilities
Wireless paging, emergency notification and clock synchronization solutions for hospitals and medical centers
Medical Centers
Wireless nurse call and two-way intercom communications for senior facilities and nursing homes
Assisted Living
Wireless paging and emergency notification solutions for corporations, office buildings and shopping centers
Wireless public address systems for park districts, municipalities, day camps, theme parks, fair grounds, stadiums, transportation hubs and state parks
Public Venues
Critical communication solutions for instant personnel alerts and mass notifications during emergency situations
Federal & Military
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“…Visiplex had just what we needed, and it is simple to use which makes training the staff easy.”
Andrew A., Express Scripts
“… Visiplex took the time to carefully consider our property layout, engineered a plan for components required to meet our needs and put a complete package together for us. “
Johnny M., Camp For All Foundation
“The Visiplex system has changed our school drastically. Being able to make announcements, Code Red, drills, and to have a daily bell schedule has put more structure in our school.”
Chris P., Grace Christian School
“…. The system is fantastic, easily replacing the functions of the old system and adding a multitude of new ones.”
Mike Brown, Lucerne Elementary School

Cuesta College choose Visiplex to amps up campus safety

Cuesta campuses-Emergency Notification System A new safety system is nearing the end of installation on

University of Illinois Chicago Selected Visiplex Mass Notification System

University of Illinois Chicago successfully installed the AlertWave wireless mass notification and emergency warning

PepsiCo Installed Visiplex Wireless Paging System

PepsiCo has installed a Visiplex wireless paging system for improved communication and safety throughout their

Kraft Foods Global Selects Visiplex Emergency Notification System

Kraft Foods Global successfully installed a Visiplex wireless PA system for communications and instant emergency

Federal Reserve Bank Chooses Visiplex Wireless Clock System

The Federal Reserve Bank installed a Visiplex wireless clock system for accurate time synchronization throughout