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Visiplex offers Federal, State and Local governments, military facilities and first responder teams with the ability to improve critical communications by providing instant personnel alerts, portable PA messaging and urgent paging notification during a variety of emergency situations. This Visiplex system can offer building, facilities or public venues with critical communications functions such as overhead PA paging, voice evacuation messaging and urgent personnel alerts. This wireless critical communications system can come in a compact portable configuration making it easy to install, relocate or redeployed.

Emergency Alert System

Emergency Alert System

The Visiplex’s AlertWave™ system offers military bases an effective way to implement an Emergency Alert System providing critical instructions with voice clarity and intelligibility. Using an array of indoor/outdoor wireless PA speakers, the system control center can initiate a well-directed live or pre-recorded voice messages to wireless PA speakers instructing staff members and visitors on how to react to a variety of emergency situations.


Voice Evacuation System

Visiplex’s Voice Evacuation System is a multi-function supervised paging and messaging solution that provides Federal, State and local governments facilities with the ability to implement a wireless, in-building emergency communications system. Using a main master control console, an array of wireless PA speakers, strobe lights and emergency message boards, security management personnel can instantly communicate with all employees and visitors to explain what happened and instruct them how to react.

Voice Evacuation System
Mobile PA System

Mobile PA System

Visiplex offers a portable PA system that is specifically designed for in-field or mobile voice paging applications. The system is based on a compact paging controller that can communicate with multiple wireless Public Address speakers for indoor/outdoor voice messaging applications. This controller can be mounted inside a vehicle and be powered by its battery to provide a mobile PA paging solution. The portable PA system can be quickly redeployed to provide voice, data and urgent messaging communications, its controller and wireless PA speakers can run from a low-voltage or solar power source, making the system power-grid independent.

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