Industrial Communication Systems

Visiplex’s Industrial Communication Systems are designed to help manufacturing plants and industrial facilities to implement solutions such as overhead voice paging, emergency warning systems, automated call devices, public address messaging, time synchronization, break bell alerts and others. This manufacturing plant communication system, is fully wireless, making installation, relocation and replacement simple and cost effective.

Wireless Voice Alert System

Visiplex offers a variety of wireless public address paging systems to help you reach people across your facility. Our solutions are ranging from a simple stand-alone PA system to a fully networked system with multi-user configurations to match any indoor/outdoor overhead paging and text messaging applications. These wireless paging systems can be programmed to activate and communicate with each wireless public address speaker individually or as part of multiple paging zones.

Industrial Bell System

Manufacturing plants and industrial facilities have a critical need for break bell alerts for orderly function, efficiency and to maintain operational effectiveness. Visiplex’s wireless paging systems offer an easy and innovative way to upgrade or replace an existing bell system and incorporate a cost-effective fully synchronized system.

Industrial Paging System

Visiplex wireless paging system provides manufacturing plants and industrial facilities an easy way to install and implement an overhead paging system for daily communications and emergency notifications. This industrial paging system can function with multiple indoor/outdoor zones and can communicate with each specific area or wireless PA speaker individually. This system can also provide staff members with instant alarm messaging, production line alerts and notifications during situations of duress.

Industrial Synchronized Clock System

Visiplex offers manufacturing plants and industrial facilities with the ability to synchronize their clocks seamlessly by using an RF time synchronization signal. This promotes the highest level of productivity, reliability and efficiency throughout any facility. Using a radio transmitter, the Visiplex industrial clock system sends accurate time information to synchronize all of the facility’s wireless clocks and bells. Visiplex offers industrial wall clocks, LED digital clocks and LED message boards in a variety of styles and sizes to match all time display needs.

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