Visiplex Wireless Solutions

Wireless Two-Way Intercom Systems

Visiplex’s wireless intercom system provides professional, effective and simple to install solutions for commercial facilities, schools, industrial plants, warehouses and other locations where a two-way voice communication is needed.

Emergency Notification Systems

Visiplex’s Wireless Emergency Notification System helps you reach people across your facility during emergency situations, for instant audio/visual alerts and mass notification messaging, keeping everyone safe, protected and informed.

Wireless Paging Systems

Visiplex’s wireless paging systems helps you reach people across your facility for emergency notification and mass communication, keeping everyone safe, informed and running your business more efficiently.

Break Bell Systems

Wireless break bell system that uses a radio transmitter to initiate tone and voice alerts to wireless indoor/outdoor PA speakers throughout your facility, regardless of size. Offers user programmable weekly or calendar schedules to improve productivity and efficiency.

Time Synchronization Systems

Visiplex’s wireless time synchronization system offers schools, medical and commercial facilities with the ability to synchronize their clocks, bells and other time-sensitive equipment to one accurate time source.

Wireless Nurse Call Systems

Visiplex offers an easy to install, wireless nurse call solutions that are specifically designed for nursing home, assisted living centers and senior facilities.

Wireless Weather Alert Systems

Visiplex’s Weather Alert System is an innovative audio-visual notification solution, that helps you reach people across your facility in the event of severe weather situations, keeping everyone safe and informed.

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