Project Planning Support

Case studies and White Papers for Visiplex Systems. Explore examples of other successful system solutions, helping you to plan your future Visiplex project.

Case Studies

School Intercom System – Wireless 2-Way Intercom, Overhead PA paging, Class Bell and Synchronized Clock System
School Intercom PA System – Wireless two-Way voice intercom, PA paging and bell system with Panic Buttons for lockdown alert
Portable Classroom Intercom System – Wireless two-Way voice intercom, overhead paging and bell system for expanding, under-construction schools
Production Line Paging System – Instant wireless voice notification system for production line workstations and machine operators
Hospital Wireless Nurse Call System – Instant Patient-Caregiver call system using wireless Pull Stations and Corridor Dome Lights.
Campus Emergency Notification System – Campus-wide audio/visual alert system that help inform and protect students, staff members and visitors.
Campus Public Address System – Campus-wide overhead paging system that provide voice communication for improved public safety and enhance response time during emergencies.
Emergency Evacuation System – Low-cost solution that utilizes wireless wall stations to activate facility-wide sirens and strobe lights.
Automated Weather Alert System – Wireless PA paging system with weather monitoring radio to activate a facility-wide voice alert messages during emergency situations.
Wireless Public Address System – Facility-wide wireless PA paging system with weatherproof outdoor Public Address speakers for voice alert messaging during emergency situations.

Wireless Nurse Call System – Wireless, fully supervised system with Pull/Push Cord Wall Stations, Corridor Dome Lights, Pagers, etc.

Outdoor Public Address and Emergency Notification System – Wireless Emergency Notification and Overhead PA paging system for beachfront boardwalk area.
Camp Ground PA and Intercom System – Wireless 2-way intercom and overhead PA paging system for camp ground
Camp Paging and Emergency Notification System – Wireless Emergency Notification and Overhead PA paging system for campground
Public Emergency Notification System – Wireless, instant public alert system for government facilities to improve safety and response time.
Military Building Intercom System – Wireless 2-way intercom communications between security desks and office personnel, for improved visitors clearance process.

White Papers

  • POE Solutions & Benefits – Using Power over Ethernet with Visiplex wireless products
  • School Intercom Systems – Choosing the right Wireless Intercom System for K-12 schools
  • UFC 4-021-01 – Department of Defense guide for Mass Emergency Notification System Design

  • ECS Analysis – Comparative chart of today’s existing solutions for Emergency Mass Notification Solutions

  • LSU Shooting – AP article about LSU campus emergency situation, highlighting the limitations of Email based Mass Notification solutions

  • School Bell Solution – The new wireless approach to implement, replace or upgrade existing school bell system

  • Wireless Paging for Facility Wide Communications – The advantages and benefits of implementing a modern paging system in your facility