Case Studies

School Intercom System – Wireless 2-Way Intercom, Overhead PA paging, Class Bell and Synchronized Clock System
School Intercom PA System – Wireless two-Way voice intercom, PA paging and bell system with Panic Buttons for lockdown alert
Portable Classroom Intercom System – Wireless two-Way voice intercom, overhead paging and bell system for expanding, under-construction schools

Production Line Paging System – Instant wireless voice notification system for production line workstations and machine operators

Hospital Wireless Nurse Call System – Instant Patient-Caregiver call system using wireless Pull Stations and Corridor Dome Lights.
Campus Emergency Notification System – Campus-wide audio/visual alert system that help inform and protect students, staff members and visitors.
Campus Public Address System – Campus-wide overhead paging system that provide voice communication for improved public safety and enhance response time during emergencies.
Emergency Evacuation System – Low-cost solution that utilizes wireless wall stations to activate facility-wide sirens and strobe lights.
Automated Weather Alert System – Wireless PA paging system with weather monitoring radio to activate a facility-wide voice alert messages during emergency situations.
Wireless Public Address System – Facility-wide wireless PA paging system with weatherproof outdoor Public Address speakers for voice alert messaging during emergency situations.

Wireless Nurse Call System – Wireless, fully supervised system with Pull/Push Cord Wall Stations, Corridor Dome Lights, Pagers, etc.

Outdoor Public Address and Emergency Notification System – Wireless Emergency Notification and Overhead PA paging system for beachfront boardwalk area.

Camp Ground PA and Intercom System – Wireless 2-way intercom and overhead PA paging system for camp ground
Camp Paging and Emergency Notification System – Wireless Emergency Notification and Overhead PA paging system for campground
Public Emergency Notification System – Wireless, instant public alert system for government facilities to improve safety and response time.
Military Building Intercom System – Wireless 2-way intercom communications between security desks and office personnel, for improved visitors clearance process.

White Papers

  • POE Solutions & Benefits – Using Power over Ethernet with Visiplex wireless products
  • School Intercom Systems – Choosing the right Wireless Intercom System for K-12 schools
  • UFC 4-021-01 – Department of Defense guide for Mass Emergency Notification System Design

  • ECS Analysis – Comparative chart of today’s existing solutions for Emergency Mass Notification Solutions

  • LSU Shooting – AP article about LSU campus emergency situation, highlighting the limitations of Email based Mass Notification solutions

  • School Bell Solution – The new wireless approach to implement, replace or upgrade existing school bell system

  • Wireless Paging for Facility Wide Communications – The advantages and benefits of implementing a modern paging system in your facility

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