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Manufacturing Wireless Paging System


Confer Plastics Inc., is a family owned manufacturer of swimming pool & spa accessories located in North Tonawanda, NY. Pete Miller, the plant manager, was looking for a cost effective solution to help reduce manufacturing equipment down time, provide instant notification from production floor work stations, for overall improved productivity. Due to the heavy industrial environment and a no cables or exposed wiring requirement, a wireless system was the best option; providing the benefits of modular design, easy programming, installation, and relocation.


Manufacturing Wireless Paging System

After consulting with Visiplex Sales personnel, a specific solution was offered that proposed to equip each work station with a CT154 wireless call button (total of 22), that when activated, will send a signal to an array of VNS2214-7 wireless PA speakers (total of 11) to play a pre-programmed voice message. Each call button was programmed to initiate a specific voice message, for example: Call Button #1 was activating a voice message “Technical assistance #11 machine”, Call Button #2 initiate a “Foreman #11 machine” message, and so on.

The proposed system was fully wireless, where the wireless call stations are equipped with a Lithium battery that can last up to 10 years, and the wireless PA speakers needs only an AC outlet to operate. The total cost of the proposed system was less than $6000.


  • Machine operators can now with a push of a button, initiate an overhead PA message with specific information about the requested assistance and machine identification.
  • Overall productivity is improved, machine down-time is reduced and production lines efficiency is increased.
  • Call buttons and pre-recorded voice messages are fully programmable to match each work station needs.
  • System proved to be a cost effective solution with easy relocation of call buttons, when a production area are reconfigured and equipment is moved.

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