Product Installation

This page contains step-by-step installation guides with video, photos, text and voice instruction to most of Visiplex wireless products. Some of the guides, will need the Adobe Flash plug-in installed within your browser.

Wireless PA Controller

Outdoor PA Controller

In-Wall/Ceiling PA Speaker

PA Paging Speaker

Paging Horn Speaker

Wireless Message Board

Wireless Intercom Station

Wireless Strobe Light

Emergency Call Stations

VS4810 – Base Station

VS4500 – Paging Station

VS101- Paging Transmitter

WPRP-1 Compact Paging Repeater

WPRPx- Paging Repeater

Indoor Antenna

Outdoor Antenna

Solar Panel Kit

To determine the size of a transmitter that will provide sufficient RF coverage to your project, you will need first to verify a few factors such as:

Facility Size The total number of buildings and floors that needs to be covered.
Antenna Positioning Locate a central and the most elevated installation point for better coverage.
Construction Materials The more steel in the construction the more power you will need.
Shielded Areas Special areas (X-Ray rooms) will need more power or special handling.

For example; an average grade school will need 2-8 watts of transmitter power, average high school 8-10 watts, hospital 25-40 watts, large medical centers 40-100 Watts and large universities 100-350 watts. To get more help with choosing the right transmitter to match your project needs, please call our sales representatives.

Power Outage Protection: Visiplex offers special power backup options to all its wireless paging products. Visiplex strongly recommends using a UPS power backup with the main paging controllers and the radio transmitters, to protect and maintain full operation during power outage situations. An optional internal battery backup is offered with most of Visiplex wirelessly controlled devices such as speakers, strobe lights and sirens. Please call our sales department with any questions or requests.

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