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School Intercom, Bell, Paging, Clock and Emergency Notification Systems

Visiplex offers a variety of school communication solutions to provide enhanced safety and improved efficiency. All Visiplex’s solutions are wireless, making adding or replacing a system, easy to install and affordable. These solutions includes two-way intercom communications, emergency notification, overhead paging, public address messaging, break bell systems and more.

Emergency Notification, Overhead Paging and Clock Systems for College Campuses

Visiplex offers cost-effective wireless campus communications solutions that enhance college campus safety, improve response time and provides campus-wide notification during a variety of emergency situations. Emergency broadcast alerts, overhead voice paging, wireless time synchronization, and emergency two-way call stations communications – all work in unison to help ensure campus safety and security.

Industrial Overhead Paging, Break Time Buzzer, Clock and Emergency Notification Systems

Visiplex’s Industrial Communication Systems are designed to help manufacturing plants and industrial facilities to implement solutions such as overhead voice paging, emergency warning systems, automated call devices, public address messaging, time synchronization and break bell alerts. All these solutions are fully wireless, making installation, relocation and replacement simple and cost effective.

Overhead Paging, Synchronized Clock and Nurse Call Solutions for Hospitals and Medical Centers

Visiplex offers innovative hospital communication systems such as Nurse Call automated text messaging to nurses/doctors pagers, overhead paging to wireless PA speakers, public emergency notification alerts and time synchronization for all facility clocks to provide effective means of communication with doctors, nurses, patients, visitors and staff within medical centers, rehab centers and other health care facilities.

Wireless Two-way Intercom and Nurse Call Solutions for Senior facilities, Assisted Living Centers and Nursing Homes

Visiplex’s wireless, assisted living paging products allows senior facilities, assisted living centers and nursing home professionals an instant wireless link to nurses, caregivers and staff members with detailed text messaging, audible alerts and visual notifications. These Assisted Living paging solutions includes a variety of wireless portable and wall-mounted transmitters that expands the connectivity level between residents’ rooms and facility staff members.

Emergency Notification, Overhead Paging, Two-Way Intercom and Clock Systems for Office Buildings and Corporations

Visiplex’s wireless paging solutions provide corporations, office buildings and shopping centers with an easy way to implement an emergency notification system, wireless overhead PA paging and urgent personnel alert solutions. These commercial paging solutions helps reaching people across any sized facility for emergency notification and mass communication, keeping everyone safe, informed and running your business more efficiently.

Overhead Public Address Paging and Weather Alert Systems for Park Districts, Campgrounds and Municipalities

Wireless public address systems for park districts, municipalities, day camps, theme parks, fair grounds and other public gathering areas which enhance public safety and improve response time during emergency situations. Visiplex offers these public address systems in a variety of sizes and configurations to provide instant emergency mass notifications, overhead paging, voice evacuation instructions, urgent personnel communications and background music playback.

Overhead Paging, Public Evacuation, and Mobile PA Systems for Federal, State and Local Governments

Visiplex offers Federal, State and Local governments, military facilities and first responder teams with the ability to improve critical communications by providing instant personnel alerts, portable PA messaging and urgent paging notification during a variety of emergency situations. This Visiplex system can offer building, facilities or public venues with critical communications functions such as overhead PA paging, voice evacuation messaging and urgent personnel alerts.

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