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Wireless Indoor/Outdoor Horn Speaker Set – VNS2214-7


The VNS2204 series of Wireless PA Horn Speakers are capable of playing pre-recorded audio alerts, live voice announcements or emergency notifications, and control beacon light fixtures

  • Live voice PA announcements or pre-programmed messages playback
  • Controls one or two synchronized beacon lights (optional)
  • Can play pre-programmed voice messages and tone alerts
  • Fully supervised to insure reliability (optional)
  • Weather-resistant enclosure
  • Local building fire alarm and PA systems interface (optional)
  • Built-in backup battery option, for full functionality during power outage (optional)
  • Support 2nd PA speaker
  • Can be powered by PoE or solar panel power sources (optional)
  • NFPA-72 (2010) compliant
  • Solar panel powering capability (optional)
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VNS2214-7 – Wireless Indoor/outdoor Horn Speaker

The VNS2214-7 Wireless Indoor/Outdoor Horn Speaker sets can play pre-recorded audio alerts and live voice announcements. The VNS2214-7 can be activated from a Visiplex paging base station or by wireless panic button as an individual speaker, as part of a group/zone or during page all messaging. The VNS2214-7 wireless PA speaker offers additional unique features such as: internal battery backup for power outage situations, wireless supervision for remote unit diagnostic and maintenance, background FM radio music and beacon lights for improved visual alert.

VNS2214 Data Sheet

Speaker Installation Guide

Controller Installation Guide

Additional information

Weight 10 lbs
Dimensions 18 × 12 × 12 in

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