Wireless PA Horn Speaker Set, Outdoor – VNS2204


The VNS2204 series of Wireless PA Horn Speakers are capable of playing pre-recorded audio alerts, live voice announcements or emergency notifications, and control beacon light fixtures

  • 3 Different speaker options
  • Weather-resistant enclosure
  • NFPA-72 (2010) compliant
  • Can drive one or two PA horn speakers (VNS2281*)
  • Controls one or two synchronized beacon lights (VNS2282*)
  • Pre-programmed voice messages and tone alerts
  • Built-in battery option for power failure protection (VNS2252*)
  • Solar Power capability (VNS2256*)

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VNS2204 – Wireless Outdoor PA Speakers

The VNS2204 series of Wireless Outdoor Horn Speakers can play pre-recorded audio alerts or live voice announcements. In addition, the VNS2204 can control one or two beacon light fixtures to provide high impact visual alerts. The VNS2204 wireless outdoor horn speakers can be activated and controlled individually or as a part of up to seven groups/zones for flexible unit activation from a main wireless paging base station, panic button or wall-mount emergency transmitters.

The VNS2204 can be expanded with additional accessories and options:

VNS2254 – Built-in transmitter for wireless supervision and device remote testing.
VNS2281 – 2nd speaker PA driver capability.
VNS2252 – Built-in power backup battery for reliable operation during power failure.
VNS2285 – Built-in contact closure output for electrical equipment control.
VNS2265 – Built-in receiver for FM radio reception from commercial or private FM radio stations.
VNS2286 – Two-way radio interface to provide live voice PA access to personnel with two-way radios.
VNS2251 – NEMA enclosure for maximum weather-proof controller installations.
VNS2256 – Solar power package/eco-friendly power solution.

Product Data Sheet

Speaker Installation Guide

Controller Installation Guide

Additional information

Weight10 lbs
Dimensions18 × 12 × 12 in

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