Wireless Paging Base Station – VS4820


The VS4820 Wireless Paging Base Station is designed to provide urgent communication solutions for commercial sites, schools, industrial plants, and more. The VS4820 is capable of initiating up to 1,000 user-programmable events to activate and control wireless PA speakers, 2-way intercom stations, LED message boards, panic buttons, beacon lights, and more.

  • Wireless PA voice paging & emergency alerts
  • 2-Way communication with wireless intercom stations
  • Text messaging to wireless LED message boards
  • Scheduled break/shift bell alerts through wireless PA speakers
  • Monitors wireless wall-mounted and wearable panic buttons
  • Built-in radio transmitter for voice & data communications
  • Phone remote access for event activation
  • Built-in WiFi interface option for hotspot service or network integration
  • Optional LTE modem feature for SMS text messaging (requires VS3031)
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VS4820 – Wireless Paging Base Station

The VS4820 Wireless Paging Base Station offers a cost-effective way to implement an urgent wireless communication solution for commercial applications, such as emergency mass notification, voice & data paging, 2-way intercom communication, facility-wide audio/visual alerts and SMS text notifications.

With its built-in database, the VS4820 offers users the ability to program up to 1,000 automatic or manually initiated events that can wirelessly activate a single or group of:

  • Wireless PA speakers for playback of pre-programmed voice messages or live-voice announcements
  • Send text messages to wireless LED message boards for highly visible public notifications
  • Communicate with facility-wide wireless 2-way intercom stations
  • Initiate on-time, schedule-based, break/shift bell alerts for improved productivity
  • Activate and control wireless beacon lights for public visual alerts
  • Send SMS text messages to cell phones for instant event notification
  • Synchronize all on-site wireless analog/digital clocks to one accurate time

The VS4820 provide users with the capability to communicate with Visiplex wireless panic buttons. A received panic button call can instantly activate a pre-defined event, such as text messaging, voice message playback, visual alert activation, etc.

Equipped with a built-in commercial band radio transmitter, the VS4820 is ideal as an all-in-one wireless paging solution. This solution provides full RF coverage to communicate and activate devices for up to 1,000 feet. When a longer range is needed, such as multi-building applications, Visiplex offers medium or high power radio transmitters/repeaters that can extend the radio signal range to a multi-mile radius, essentially covering any type of installation.

The VS4820 offers additional features, such as an integrated SMS modem (optional) for text messaging and alerts, dial-in phone access for remote event activation, a serial port for integration with a local building fire alarm system, a built-in WiFi module for interfacing with a local network, hard-wired alarm inputs and a uniquely designed paging handset for improved communication and privacy.

Product Data Sheet

VS4820 User Manual

VS4820 Wireless Architecture Diagram

VS4820 Inputs Outputs & Accessories

Additional information

Weight 5.60 lbs
Dimensions 14 × 14 × 6 in

12" x 8.5" x 3" (W x H x D)


3.7 lbs.


12V DC / 3A (Using 100-240V AC)

Operating Temperature

32° – 104°F


10% – 65%

Certifications & Approvals

FCC part 90, UL/CSA Listing (Power Supply)

RS232 Protocols

Visiplex, TAP, Comp1 and Comp2

Serial Ports

Up to 4

Paging Format

POCSAG, 2-Tone

Phone Line Type

Line Level (End to End Station Level), DTMF

Phone Line Impedance

600 Nominal (Off-Hook)

Limited Warranty

One Year Parts and Labor

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