School Wireless Intercom, PA, Bell and Clock System

K-12 Schools

Visiplex provides schools with easy to install wireless solutions while also providing enhanced safety and improved efficiency. These solutions can include; two-way intercom communications, emergency notification systems, overhead paging, bell alerts, synchronized clock systems, and more.

The Problem

Our Lady of Sorrows Academy is a four building campus located in Phoenix, AZ. Dominic Demark, the school treasurer, stated that they are looking for a PA system for overhead paging, two-way intercom communications with classrooms, schedule- based bell alerts, and a synchronized clock system that can be integrated with the current bell system. It needs to be cost effective, no cabling or trenching between buildings, self- installation ability, modular/expandable to match future campus growth, and minimal maintenance needed. The ideal system would be one that can integrate all the needed
tasks of a PA, intercom, bell, and clock system.

The Solution

Visiplex’s proposed a wireless system solution that was tailored to the school specific needs. It consisted of a master VS4810 paging base station for the main office, 14 classroom VNS2212 intercom stations, two VNS2214-8 wireless horn speakers for the school yard and 16 TS4142 synchronized clocks. To keep the system within the limited budget, budget, the classrooms’ intercom stations are multi-functional including two-way communication between the classroom and the main office, PA voice messaging for emergency and daily announcements, and even class bells. The main base station also runs the clocks throughout the school and keeps the bells synchronized to one accurate time.

The proposed system is fully wireless, eliminating the need for costly wiring between the different buildings, needing only an AC outlet for the wireless intercom stations and PA horn speakers to operate. The total cost of the proposed system was less than $12,000.

VS4810 Paging Controller Synchronized Clocks Wireless Intercom Station Wireless Intercom Station Wireless Outdoor Speaker
School-wide wireless system that in addition to two-way voice communications, provides PA overhead paging, bell alerts and clocks time synchronization.
Our Lady of Sorrows Acdemy
The Results
  • Each classroom can now initiate a two-way voice communication with the main office.

  • The main office can also initiate a voice message to a specific classroom or all classrooms and school yard area, for emergency alerts and daily announcements.

  • All class bells are now fully synchronized with clocks and initiated automatically according to a customized bell schedule.

  • The installed system is fully expandable, and speakers/intercom stations can be added or relocated easily.

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