Campus Public Address System

College Campuses

Visiplex’s paging solutions provide college campuses with an easy wireless way to implement an overhead Public Address paging system to help reach people across a facility for emergency notification and mass communication, thus keeping everyone safe, informed and operating more efficiently.

The Problem

Highland Community College is a two-year junior college located in Highland, KS, providing life-long learning opportunities while helping to contribute to the economic development of the communities it serves. Trevor Lamme, the college IT System Administrator, contacted Visiplex looking for a campus-wide Public Address system. The main requirements were: the system needed to provide full voice communication to indoor and outdoor areas, cover all 10 buildings in the main campus area, be expandable so that more speakers could be added later, and easy enough that it could be maintained by the facility electrician.

The Solution

Visiplex’s solution to meet the requirements of Highland Community College consisted of: VS4810 wireless paging base station for the control room, VS101-100 high-power transmitter for complete facility-wide RF coverage, 38 VNS2210 indoor PA speaker controllers, each driving two VNS2083 high power PA wall speakers (total of 76 speakers) for full voice coverage inside all campus buildings, 9 VNS2200 outdoor PA speaker controllers, each driving two VNS2088 high-power horn speakers (total of 18 speakers) to provide facility-wide outdoor voice messaging.

The VS4810 base station included an integrated VS3003 upgrade, which provides dial-in telephone access to security supervisors for instant, remote overhead paging capabilities.

The proposed system is fully wireless, eliminating costly wiring between different facility areas, and needing only an AC outlet for each controller to operate. The total cost of the complete system was approximately $33,600.

VS4810 Paging Controller Wireless PA Wall Speaker Wireless PA Wall Speaker Wireless Outdoor Speaker Wireless Outdoor Speaker
College campus wireless PA system that provide live voice and instant messaging to enhance public safety and improve response time during emergency situations.
Campus Public Address System
The Results
  • The control room can now provide instant, clear voice alerts to all students and staff members during emergency situations and everyday activities.

  • A powerful array of Indoor/Outdoor Public Address horn speakers providing full audio coverage throughout the campus area.

  • The system is easy to install and fully maintained by local facility electricians.

  • Completely expandable system allowing for indoor and outdoor PA speakers to be easily added or relocated.

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