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Campus Emergency Notification System


Cuesta College is located in San Luis Obispo, CA and is highly regarded throughout the state for its excellent education programs, responsive student services and exceptional faculty and staff. Terry Reece, the Facility’s Services & Construction Director, contacted Visiplex, looking for an Audio/Visual emergency notification system to help protect students, employees, and visitors. The main requirements include: Coverage for two separate multiple building college campuses (San Luis Obispo and Paso Robles), color-coded, campus-wide visual notification ability and speaker system for emergency audio/voice alerts.


Campus Emergency Notification System

Visiplex solution for the requirements of Cuesta College comprises of two separate emergency notification systems (one for San Luis Obispo and one for Paso Robles).  The complete  project will involve 2 VNS5100 Mass Notification Paging Base Stations for the control rooms, 2 VS101-40 paging transmitter to provide full RF coverage throughout the campus area, 202 VNS2710 wireless, Multi-color Corridor Lights for campus-wide corridors and rooms, and 6 VNS2214-7 wireless outdoors horn speakers.

Each VNS2710 wirelessly controlled corridor light consist of red, amber, white and green colored lights. A solid red light is designed to signal a “campus-wide lockdown”. A flashing red light in conjunction of the sirens signals “campus evacuation”. The amber light serves to notify everyone on campus that an email or a text message alert  has been sent. White light indicates a “status quo”, while a green light signals “all-Clear” and the approval for the resumption of regular campus activity.

The proposed system is fully wireless, eliminating the need for costly wiring between the different buildings. The system only requires an AC outlet for dome light fixtures and PA speakers for its operation. The total approximate cost of the proposed system is $57,000.


  • Color-coded corridor lights across both college campuses help notify students, staff members, and visitors, about the current alert level.
  • Wireless Public Address speakers provide voice and tone alerts during emergency situations.
  • Each college campus has its own emergency notification system to efficiently handle emergencies.
  • Instant campus-wide alerts can be initiated from the main system base station, via email or text alert.
  • The installed system is fully expandable, and wireless PA speakers/corridor lights can be added or relocated easily.

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