Hospital Wireless Nurse Call System

Hospitals/Medical Centers

Visiplex’s wireless nurse call solutions provide hospitals and medical centers an easy way to implement a patient -to- caregiver instant call system, while improving productivity and efficiency.

The Problem

YKHC Medical Center is located Bethel, AK, and provides comprehensive health care services for 58 rural communities in southwest Alaska. Brett Frasier, from the hospital maintenance department, contacted Visiplex looking for a simple visual alert solution that will improve patient-to-caregiver communication within the Radiology department. The main needs were; reliability, cost efficiency, battery operated call devices, and easy installation.

The Solution

Visiplex’s solution to YKHC’s requirements consisted of: VS4810 wireless paging base station for the main office, 5 CT-155 wireless, Pull Cord Stations, 5 CT-157 wireless, Pull Stations for the restrooms and 10 VPR-02 wireless, Corridor Dome Lights for room identification.

The system VS4810 base station, is designed to receive all calls from the pull stations, and sends a radio signal to activate the appropriate corridor dome light, all while keeping log data of activities.

The proposed system is fully wireless, eliminating costly wiring between different facility areas, needing only an AC outlet for each controller to operate. The cost of the complete system was approximately $5,600.

CT-157 Wireless Pull Cord CT-155 Wireless Pull Cord Station CT-157 Wireless Pull Cord Wireless Corridor Dome Light Wireless Corridor Dome Light Wireless Corridor Dome Light
Wireless nurse call system that enhance communications between patients and caregiver and improve response time when help is needed.
Hospital Wireless Nurse Call System
The Results
  • Patients can easily notify caregivers and staff members when help is needed.
  • Corridor Dome Lights help caregivers to identify where help is needed.

  • The system is easy to install and is fully maintained by local facility electricians.

  • Expandable system allowing for pull stations and dome lights to be easily added or relocated.

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