Today’s modern K-12 facilities demand school bell systems that are reliable, equipped with flexible schedules and synchronized with the school clock system. New wireless bell systems fulfill those requirements and are proven to be a great solution in each of the following situations:

New Bell System Installation – A wireless bell system utilizes an array of wireless PA speakers to generate bell tones and alerts according to predefined schedules running on the main wireless system controller. The main wireless system controller can handle multiple schedules that can easily be selected to match the school’s needs. Each wireless PA speaker simply needs an AC outlet to operate. The wireless speakers can be added or moved at any time during or after installation to improve bell signal coverage. These wireless speakers are easily able to change to different locations because there are no cables to worry about. Installing a wireless bell system is an economically-effective idea by eliminating the costly labor of running wires throughout the facility. With a wireless bell system, you are also expanding your options for your bell system’s tones and sounds.

Replacement of an Existing Bell System – Compared with old-fashioned hard-wired solutions, wireless bell systems are easy to install and need minimal structural changes or modifications. By assigning an AC power to each wireless speaker, a wireless bell system with multiple schedules, bells and alerts can easily be implemented. In addition to its main function as a bell system, these wireless systems can also replace an old Public Address system for live or pre-programmed voice announcements during emergency or regular daily events.

Add-On to Existing Bell System – Many times a renovation or an addition to existing school facilities result with the need to add bell alerts to the new areas while continuing to use the functioning old bell system. A wireless bell system can function as an extension to the old wired bell system by utilizing a special wireless interface and getting all of its controls from the existing bell system.

New wireless school bell systems offer much more than traditional types of school bell systems. These new systems offer easy installation and relocation of its wireless products, simple system expansion, multiple user-programmable schedules, PA voice announcement capabilities, time synchronization with the school clocks and integration of alphanumeric LED displays. These complementary options make implementing a wireless school bell system the best solution for any school.

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