School classroom intercom systems are a great way to give teachers and students the freedom to interact with the main office during daily and/or emergency situations. Unfortunately, these intercom systems are very expensive to add to an existing school facility or addition. This is due to the necessity of wiring every intercom station to the main console, located at one central location in the facility.

Recently, new wireless intercom systems have been gaining popularity by providing many functional and economic advantages compared to wired intercom systems, such as:

Ease of installation – Adding or relocating a new wireless intercom station is very easy. Place the intercom station at the preferred location and plug the attached controller to an available AC power outlet, that’s it! Each intercom station is equipped with a unique ID, which the main intercom console can identify when a call is placed. As a wireless system, an unlimited number of intercom stations can be added to the system at any time. This makes adding, relocating and expanding an intercom system a very easy task, without needing to run wires or add expansion boards to the main intercom console.

PA system integration – Each wireless intercom controller can be wired to a classroom speaker to provide Public Address functionality. During daily and emergency situations, pre-recorded or live voice messages can be used to notify all classrooms or, if desired, specific areas. If additional PA coverage is needed, wireless PA speakers and/or PA horn speakers can easily be added to any location.

Bell system replacement – Each wireless intercom station can be used to provide synchronized school bell alerts to replace or upgrade the school bell system. Bell alert activation is wirelessly generated from the main intercom console according to a user-programmable schedule containing multiple options of tones and alarms.

Overall system cost – Using a wireless school intercom system is a low-cost process as there are no wires needed to be run. In addition, installation and expansion of the system are both simple enough that they can be performed by someone with minimal technical skills, which saves the cost of hiring a technician. Lastly, the station can provide additional PA and bell functions that reduce the overall number of facility equipment which keeps the cost of maintenance down.
Wireless school classroom intercom stations can help schools in a variety of ways, both in daily and critical situations. Wireless intercom systems are a cost effective, multi-functional, easily implemented solution for any school.

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