Public Emergency Notification System


Visiplex provides Federal building and government facilities with wireless emergency notification solutions that enhance public safety and improve response time during emergency situations.

The Problem

County of San Joaquin – Department of Child Support Services is a three-story government facility, located in Stockton, CA.
Adnan Khan contacted Visiplex looking to add an emergency notification system that would cover the entire building in order to improve staff members’ and the publics’ safety. The main requirements included: Visual & audio alerts, ability to customize emergency alert messages, use POE as power source, remote activation using remote phone access and a facility-wide time synchronization.

The Solution

Visiplex’s solution to Department of Child Support Services, consisted of: VS4810 wireless paging base station, equipped with VS3003 telephone interface, VS101-25 paging transmitter for complete building RF coverage, 42 VS1502 wireless, LED message boards, each equipped with built-in buzzer for tone alerts and VNS2258 POE power option. In addition, 7 TS4142 wireless synchronized clocks to provide accurate time displays throughout.

Using the VS4810 base station keypad or over the phone, a pre-programmed alert messages such as: ‘Emergency Lock Down – Shelter in Place’, ‘Evacuate the Building at Nearest Exit’ and ‘Sever Weather Alert – Seek Indoor Shelter Immediately’, can be sent instantly to all LED display boards throughout the building.

The proposed system was fully wireless, eliminating costly wiring between different building areas, needing only a POE power source for each LED message board to operate. The cost of the complete system was approximately $18,000.

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Public Emergency Notification System
The Results
  • The main office can now provide instant, audio and visual emergency alerts to all building areas and in compliance with the ADA for the hearing-Impaired.
  • Emergency alert messages can be customized to match the facility requirements.
  • Facility-wide emergency notifications can be initiated from the base station keypad or by phone.
  • Fully expandable system allowing for LED message boards and synchronized clocks to be easily added or relocated.

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