School Communication Solutions

Visiplex offers a variety of school communication solutions to provide enhanced safety and improved efficiency. All Visiplex’s solutions are wireless, making adding or replacing a system, easy to install and affordable. These solutions includes two-way intercom communications, emergency notification, overhead paging, public address messaging, break bell systems and more.

School Intercom System

Visiplex’s wireless intercom system offers a simple way to incorporate a two-way communication system with intercom stations throughout the school and surrounding area while also being cost effective. The system can function with multiple indoor/outdoor zones and can communicate with each specific intercom station individually. As a wireless solution, this intercom system offers easy installation and expansion at any single or multi-building school.

Wireless School PA System

The Visiplex’s wireless School PA System provides K-12 schools an easy way to install and implement an overhead paging system for daily paging communications and school-wide voice notifications. Using a master control console and an array of wireless indoor/outdoor PA speakers, main office personnel got the flexibility to page and talk to the whole school area, single building or a specific classroom.

Emergency School Alert System

Visiplex offers the ideal wireless solution providing school staff members the ability to initiate instant emergency notifications & alerts during duress situations. Using a compact personal panic button device, a school-wide alert can be sent within seconds simultaneously to the main office and security staff members using visual alerts and playback of pre-recorded voice messages with specific instructions.

School Bell System

Visiplex wireless break bell systems can provide an easy way to upgrade or replace an existing school bell system. This is done simply by using wireless speakers and a bell controller to create a multifaceted school break bell system with programmable schedules and various tone & voice alerts along with being in full synchronization with all clocks.

School Synchronized Clock System

K-12 schools have a great need to synchronize their clocks, bells and other time-sensitive equipment to one reliable time source. Using a radio transmitter, the Visiplex wireless clock system sends accurate time information to synchronize all of the facility’s wireless clocks and bells. Visiplex offers analog clocks, LED digital clocks and LED display message boards in a variety of styles and sizes to match all school needs.

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