University of Illinois Chicago successfully installed the AlertWave wireless mass notification and emergency warning system to enhance campus security and public safety. In the event of an emergency situation such as severe weather, natural disasters, civil emergencies or acts of terror, an emergency notification system is a must. College campuses, schools, commercial plants, industrial complexes, residential communities, government facilities and military bases all demand the ability to communicate with the masses.

Through instant, well-directed live or prerecorded voice messages, the AlertWave™ mass notification system instructs people on how to react to a variety of emergency situations.

Visiplex’s AlertWave™ is the premier solution for wireless emergency notification system applications, providing an effective means of audible and visual alerts for virtually any facility, regardless of size. This emergency notification system eliminates the need to rely on costly outside, subscriber-based services that may still operate by slow and ineffective phone, text or e-mail technologies.