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The VPR-01 Wireless POCSAG Data Receiver is designed to monitor POCSAG paging data activity on a specific frequency and provide dry contact closure to control electrical devices and synchronize master clock and bell systems.

  • Monitors Wireless UHF Push Buttons and Transmitters
  • Wirelessly Controlled by Main Paging Controller
  • Built-In 10A Dry Contact Switch Relay
  • Activation Duration Control

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The VPR-01 is a wireless paging receiver that provides serial data output of paging activity on a specific the frequency. The VPR-01 can close a dry contact closure to activate connected devices by a wireless command from a main paging controller. In addition, the VPR-01 can support wireless UHF push buttons and transmitters and convert the wireless data to serial data. The serial data can be processed by a main wireless paging controller, such as the VS4810 or VNS5100, in order to generate automated text, audio or visual alerts to pagers, alphanumeric displays, speakers, strobe lights, e-mail and telephone subscribers.

Product Data Sheet

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 8 × 4 in
Product Dimensions

3.85" x 2.85" x 1.3" (W x H x D)

Product Weight

1.15 lbs.


5V DC / 0.5 A (Using 120-240V AC)




Weatherproof Polycarbonate

Operating Temperature

32° – 120°F

Receiver Sensitivity

10u V/M


Mounting Leads for Vertical or Horizontal Installation

Current Draw

Built-In 10A Dry Contact Switch Relay


VHF (148 – 174 MHz), UHF (400 – 470 MHz)


Built-In RS-232 or Optional USB Interfaces

Paging Format

POCSAG, Narrow Band

Activation Codes


Data Baud Rate

512 or 1200 BPS

Limited Warranty

One Year Parts and Labor

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