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  • K-12 Schools
    K-12 Schools

    Wireless, easy to install solutions to incorporate an emergency 'Lockdown' notification, two-way intercom communications, overhead paging, bell alerts, clock time synchronization and emergency evacuation system.

  • Campuses & Universities
    Campuses & Universities

    Wireless paging solutions to enhance campus safety and reduce maintenance cost that provides campus notification during emergency situations, campus PA wireless communications and campus wide time synchronization

  • Hospitals & Medical Centers
    Hospitals & Medical Centers

    Innovative paging solutions such as wireless nurse call systems, hospital emergency public notification, overhead Public Address messaging, visitor alerts and hospital clocks time synchronization systems

  • Government & Federal Buildings
    Government & Federal Buildings

    Wireless solutions for Federal & Government facilities that enhance public safety by providing instant alerts during emergency situations, overhead PA communications, urgent paging notification and time synchronization

  • Industrial & Manufacturing Plants
    Industrial & Manufacturing Plants

    Wireless solutions that helps industrial and manufacturing plants to implement solutions such as paging communications, emergency alerts, public address messaging, break bell and personnel alert

  • Assisted Living & Nursing homes
    Assisted Living & Nursing homes

    Wireless solutions for assisted living centers, senior facilities and nursing home professionals to provide better care with wireless nurse call, caregiver pager notification, assisted living paging and two-way intercom

  • Military Facilities & Special Forces
    Military Facilities & Special Forces

    Visiplex's wireless paging are designed to enhance safety, improve communications and reduce confusion by providing personnel alerts during emergency situations, public PA communications and urgent paging notification

  • Corporations & Commercial Buildings
    Corporations & Commercial Buildings

    Visiplex's wireless paging solutions provide corporations, office buildings and commercial centers with an easy way to implement an emergency warning, public address and personnel alert systems

  • Hotels, Resorts & Golf Clubs
    Hotels, Resorts & Golf Clubs

    Wireless in-house paging systems for applications such as hotel paging, resort public address messaging, hotel staff notification, emergency public alerts, visitor alerts and silent paging communications

Wireless Paging Systems & Mass Notification Solutions

K-12 Schools

K-12 Schools

Visiplex offers schools with an innovative, easy and wireless way to incorporate an emergency notifications, intercom communications, break bell schedule, clock time synchronization, overhead paging solutions...


Industrial and Manufacturing Plants

Visiplex's wireless solutions helps industrial and manufacturing plants to implement solutions such as overhead paging communications, emergency evacuation alerts, Public Address messaging, break bell and personnel alerts...


Campuses and Universities

Campus paging solutions to enhance campus safety and provide campus notification during emergency situations, campus wireless PA communications, emergency call box alerts and campus wide clock time synchronization...

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Intercom Stations

Wireless Intercom Systems

An innovative wireless way to incorporate a two-way voice communication between a central location and multiple intercom stations. Each wireless intercom station can receive or initiate a ...

Wireless Speakers

Wireless PA Speakers

Visiplex wireless paging systems offer a variety of cost effective wireless public address speakers, controllers and amplifiers to meet the requirements of most PA messaging systems. Visiplex speakers are designed to be...

Paging Controllers

Wireless Paging Controllers

Visiplex offers a variety of wireless paging controllers that can initiate voice, visual and alphanumeric alerts to thousands of wireless devices such as PA speakers, Intercom stations, strobes, LED displays, synchronized clocks...