Wireless Alert Button – CT104


The CT104 Wireless Alert Button can initiate an audio/visual emergency alerts, activate pre-programmed PA voice messages, or send a text message to LED message boards, pagers or cell phones. Equipped with a built-in, long lasting Lithium battery, the CT104 will provide years of maintenance-free operation, while offering wireless functionality supervision.

  • Activate pre-programmed voice message through wireless PA speakers
  • Send text messages to wireless LED message boards
  • Send detailed text messages to a cell phone (requires VNS4400)
  • Control activation of wireless beacon & corridor lights
  • Long transmission range (up to 300′ – can be extended with a repeater)
  • Wearable bead necklace, belt clip or wrist strap options
  • Fully supervised, to insure reliability
  • Long-life Lithium battery for maintenance free operation
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CT104 – Wireless Alert Button

The CT104 panic button is a wearable, compact transmitter that can instantly notify staff members when help is needed or initiate a facility wide alert during emergency situations. The CT104 wireless alert button is designed to function as a standalone device or as part of a Visiplex’s paging base station. When used in a standalone configuration, the CT104 can directly activate wireless PA speakers to play a pre-programmed voice message, trigger wireless beacon and/or corridor lights to provide visual alert, and send a detailed text message to wireless LED message boards or staff members pager. When operating as part of a paging base station, the CT104 can in addition to the above, send SMS text message to staff member cell phone, provide full supervision capabilities and low battery alert, to ensure reliable operation at all times.

The CT104 alert button is offered with a bead necklace or belt clip wearing options, and equipped with a built-in, long lasting Lithium battery, to provide years of maintenance-free operation.

CT104 Data Sheet

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 3 × 3 in

1.8" x 2.4" x 0.8" (W x H x D)


0.1 lbs.


Single CR2 3V Lithium Battery


Off-White, Gray Buttons

Operating Temperature

32° – 140°F


0% – 90%, Non-Condensing

RF Power

10 mW


PC Based Programming

Call Cancel

Internal Magnetic Switch

Signaling Time

2-4 Seconds


Better than 5 PPM


400-420 MHz, 450-470 MHz

Paging Format

POCSAG, 512, 1200 or 2400 BPS

Channel Spacing

12.5 KHz – Narrow Band

Activation Codes

6 (Calls, Cancel & Low Battery)

Limited Warranty

One Year Parts and Labor

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