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Visiplex offers staff members with 2-way radios the ability to make public announcements and emergency alerts by communicating with the wireless paging base station or directly with wireless PA speakers. When using a Visiplex base station with a high-power transmitter, 2-way radio users can extend the range of their radios to provide full facility-wide voice coverage.

Radio Paging System

Advanced Two-Way Radio Paging System

The Visiplex VS4820 paging base station has a unique 2-way radio interface option that allows staff members to make facility-wide PA announcements and public alerts. The VS4820 would continue to be used for regular tasks, such as wireless voice paging, SMS text notifications, public visual alerts, text messaging to LED message boards, automated emergency alerts, and monitoring wireless panic buttons.

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Two-Way Radio PA Paging System

All Visiplex wireless PA speakers can work with a 2-way radio interface option. This enables the speakers to receive voice transmissions directly from most 2-way radios on the market. With this unique feature, security and staff members can use their handheld radio to issue public announcements and facility-wide alerts to an array of indoor/outdoor wireless PA speakers. Visiplex speakers can be programmed to a specific UHF 2-way radio channel and use PL/CTCSS tones to help secure radio access.

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Radio PA Paging System


A basic system designed for 2-way radios to send audio to a wireless PA speaker would come to approximately $400. An expanded paging system that includes a VS4820 base station, handset microphone, VNS2610 wireless PA speaker and a 2-way radio, will start at approximately $1600. The actual system cost will be mostly based on the amount of PA speakers that are needed to provide full area audio coverage.

Visiplex wireless paging systems can cover anything from a small commercial building up to a large, multi-building commercial site.  The Visiplex system uses an FCC-approved paging band to send the voice and data information to all of its wirelessly controlled devices. The system will use the needed RF transmission power to provide full coverage to any facility size.

Most Visiplex wireless systems can be installed without the need of professional installers. Since the entire system is wireless, all of the remote components such as speakers, message boards, intercom stations and visual alert devices, can be installed without any professional assistance. Connecting to AC power or a POE power source is all that is needed. If you need or choose to install the system by a professional, Visiplex can offer professional installation services by our staff or recommend one of our resellers in your area.

Visiplex offers a built-in power backup option for most of its wireless PA speakers to ensure full functionality during power outage situations. It is recommended that all other system components, such as the base station and external transmitters, will be equipped with a power backup UPS.

One of the most significant advantages of a wireless alert system is the ability to add more wireless devices and expand the system as needed. For example, using an expandable paging system configuration, wireless PA speakers can be added for additional audio coverage, LED message boards can be added for text messaging, wireless beacon lights can be added for public visual alerts, and more.

Visiplex is an experienced wireless product manufacturer for over 30 years. Visiplex uses its expertise to provide an elegant adaptation of proven wireless, high powered and FCC approved technology into a select line of speakers, 2-Way intercom stations, LED message boards, beacon lights, clocks and more. Visiplex offers an expanded line of competitively priced products suitable for installations ranging from small grade schools that require a small wireless system to large university centers and industrial complexes needing a powerful networked wireless system with thousands of wirelessly controlled devices. As a well known manufacturer, Visiplex has hundreds of resellers nationwide that can provide professional installation and maintenance services, if required. With more than 20,000 installations, Visiplex’s customer base is continuing to grow as we continue to prove we are the right choice for any facility.

All Visiplex products can be ordered from us directly or from a reseller in your area. You can call (847) 229-0250 to speak with our sales representatives, order online using our website or E-mail us at

2-Way Radio Paging System for Instant Alerts and Voice Notifications

  • Instant voice paging capabilities from staff member radios throughout your facility

  • Send emergency notifications quickly and easily from portable 2-way radios

  • Add wireless PA speakers to improve audio coverage, safety and efficiency

  • Easy system expansion, relocation and cost-effective wireless installation