Weather Alert System

Visiplex’s Weather Alert System is an innovative audio-visual notification solution, that helps you reach people across your facility in the event of severe weather situations, keeping everyone safe and informed.

VS4810 - Wireless Weather Monitoring Paging Controller
NOAA Weather
Alerts Receiver
Wireless Indoor/Outdoor
Public Address Speakers
Wireless Wall Speakers Wireless Outdoor Speakers NOAA Radio Lightning Storm Detector
Basic weather alert system where paging controller constantly monitors weather alert devices and automatically trigger a pre-programmed, detailed voice alerts through wireless PA speakers across the facility
VS4810 Weather Paging Controller Wireless Strobe Light Wireless Siren Wireless Strobe Light Wireless LED Message Board Wireless LED Message Board Wireless Outdoor Speaker
NOAA Weather
Alerts Receiver
Wireless Wall Speaker
Expanded weather alert system where paging controller monitors weather alert devices and automatically trigger wireless PA speakers, LED message boards, sirens and strobes across the facility

Wireless Weather Alert System for Improved Safety and Efficency

  • Provide instant audio-visual alerts throughout your facility, regardless of size

  • Send automated emergency notifications quickly and easily from a main console or over the phone

  • A selection of alert devices such as wireless PA speakers, alphanumeric LED message boards, strobes and sirens

  • Easy system expansion, relocation and cost-effective wireless installation

  • Can provide Public Address messaging during non-emergency situations

Add, Replace or Upgrade your existing weather alert system

  • Replace an old, non-functioning weather alert system without running wires

  • Add wireless speakers to improve notification coverage to all /indoor/outdoor facility areas

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About Visiplex

College campuses, schools, commercial plants, industrial complexes, residential communities, government facilities and military bases all demand the ability to communicate with the masses in the event of severe weather situations. Visiplex’s AlertWave™ system is an innovative, wireless weather alert system that provides an effective means of instant audio/visual notification for any area/facility, regardless of size.

Through instant, visual alerts, well-directed pre-recorded voice messages and live voice announcements, the AlertWave™ weather alert system can provide actionable instructions for any emergency situation.

All Visiplex system components use UL approved parts and are compliant with NFPA-72 2010 standards, Department of Defense United Facilities Criteria (UFC), speech intelligibility (STI-PA) standard 2003 IEC 60268-16, Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), OSHA and ADA standards and codes. Visiplex is listed as an authorized government supplier (GSA listed).