Wireless Nurse Call

Visiplex offers an easy to install wireless nurse call solutions specifically designed for assisted living centers, senior facilities, and nursing homes.

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Wireless Nurse Call for Improved Efficiency and Enhanced Safety

  • Wireless two-way voice communications from resident room to nurse station
  • Wireless, easy to install nurse call solution regardless of facility size

  • Wireless supervised corridor lights for improved visual room identification

  • Easy system expansion, relocation and cost-effective wireless installation

  • Variety of pendant, wall-mounted and other portable transmitters

Add, Replace or Upgrade your existing nurse call System

  • Replace an old, non-functioning nurse call system without running wires

  • Add wireless corridor lights to improve visual room identification system

  • Upgrade your current nurse call system to include two-way intercom communications

Visiplex offers an easy-to-install wireless nurse call system designed explicitly for assisted living centers, senior facilities, and nursing homes. Using wireless wall-mounted pull cord transmitters, pendants, or portable alert devices, residents can initiate a call to caregivers, nurses, or staff members with full name and location information along with a detailed record of each call event and response times. In addition, wireless corridor lights can be installed outside a resident’s room and provide a visual indication when activated by the resident call signal.

This wireless nurse call system includes a variety of wireless portable and wall-mounted transmitters that expands the connectivity level between residents’ rooms and facility staff members. Calls from residents’ rooms can be monitored at a central office or nurse station using LED displays and paging controllers.

All Visiplex system components use UL-approved parts and are compliant with NFPA-72 2010 standards, Department of Defense United Facilities Criteria (UFC), speech intelligibility (STI-PA) standard 2003 IEC 60268-16, Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), OSHA and ADA standards and codes. Visiplex is an authorized government supplier (GSA listed).