Wireless PA Speaker – VNS2610


The VNS2610 is a wireless PA speaker designed to provide live voice PA messaging, pre-recorded messages and initiate scheduled break bell alerts. The VNS2610 can provide overhead paging and emergency notifications for installations where hard-wired solutions are impractical or too costly.

  • Wireless activation of live voice or pre-programmed PA announcements
  • Schedule based, time synchronized Break Bell voice and tone alerts (VS2511*)
  • Built-in backup battery option, for full functionality during power outage (VNS2681*)
  • Compact design, attractive appearance and economical solution
  • Built-in FM radio for local or commercial radio stations (VNS2682*)
  • NFPA-72 (2010) compliant
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VNS2610 – Wireless PA Speaker

The Visiplex VNS2610 is a wireless PA speaker designed to provide live voice Public Address messaging, pre-recorded messages and initiate schedule break bell voice & tones alerts. Fully controlled by wireless commands from a Visiplex base station, this PA speaker can enhance communication efforts during emergency and day-to-day operations for any type of organization, such as: schools, colleges, office buildings, warehouses and commercial facilities.

The VNS2610 can be expanded with additional options, such as:

VNS2681 – Built-in power backup battery for reliable operation during power failure.
VNS2682 – Built-in FM Radio for private or commercial stations.
VNS2685 – Wireless supervision for remote unit status diagnostic and monitoring.
VNS2683 – Two-Way Radio for portable radio paging access.

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Weight8 lbs
Dimensions14 × 10 × 10 in

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