Wireless SMS Gateway – VNS4400


The VNS4400 Wireless SMS Gateway can wirelessly monitor multiple emergency wall stations, wearable panic buttons, and paging base stations to instantly alert staff when help is needed.

  • Initiate instant, pre-programmed SMS messages and alerts.
  • Can instantly notify staff members regardless of location.
  • Can wirelessly monitor unlimited number of emergency wall stations and panic buttons.
  • Offers SMS messaging extension to Visiplex wireless base stations.
  • Compact design and easy installation for an economical solution.

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VNS4400 – Wireless SMS Gateway

The Visiplex VNS4400 SMS Gateway can wirelessly monitor multiple emergency wall stations, panic buttons, and base stations to instantly alert and inform when help is needed.

This compact gateway is specifically designed to be used with the Visiplex series of wireless panic buttons and emergency wall stations. When a monitored panic button or wall station is activated, the VNS4400 can send out a pre-programmed SMS text message to inform administrators, nursing staff, or caregivers of what the emergency is and where.

When used in conjunction with a Visiplex base station, the VNS4400 can wirelessly receive SMS event information and act as a remote LTE modem to send the SMS message to designated subscribers

VNS4400 Data Sheet

Additional information

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 3 × 6 × 3 in
Product Dimensions

3.78" x 2.28" x 1.69" (W x H x D)

Product Weight

1.2 lbs

Nominal Voltage


Energy Density

1.29 W-h/in3

Specific Energy

14 W-h/lb

Maximum Discharge

4.2 Amps

Internal Resistance

100 Milliohms

Operating Temperature

Charge: -4º – 122ºF Discharge: -40º – 140ºF


Rugged Impact Resistant ABS Case & Cover


Quick Disconnect Tabs

Limited Warranty

One Year Parts and Labor

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