PepsiCo has installed a Visiplex wireless paging system for improved communication and safety throughout their facility.

Visiplex offers a variety of paging systems ranging from a simple stand-alone PA system to a fully networked system with multi-user configurations to match any indoor/outdoor overhead paging and text messaging applications. These wireless paging systems can be programmed to activate and communicate with each wireless paging receiver individually or as part of multiple paging zones.

These modular paging systems can function with multiple indoor/outdoor zones to provide the flexibility of notifying the whole building, a selected zone or a specific PA speaker individually. In addition, they can provide security and key personnel with instant silent, digital messaging during emergency situations, and interface with local fire alarm, building automation and security systems.

Many of Visiplex paging systems offers additional wireless paging features such as: automated emergency alerts, text messaging to LED message boards and pagers, remote activation of wireless strobe lights & sirens, weather alerts, background music playback and more.

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